Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sexy Sequins-Holiday Attire

Hello Friends!  Its that time of year. Decorations are everywhere, Christmas carols are playing on the radio and the holiday socials are on and poppin'.  One question: Is your outfit poppin'?  If you are wondering what to wear during this time, look no further. Get into sequins!

Sequins were a really big summer fashion trend for 2015, and we are carrying them into the winter months; just in time for Christmas.

 A couple of do's and don'ts for sequined pieces.  1. Don't over dress them. Sequins are dressy enough. For example, you don't necessarily need a statement necklace with a sequined item. Even if the garment seems to have a neckline that is perfect for a necklace, be very careful with adding accessories.  Remember less is more, especially when the garment is already making a statement all on its own.

2. Don't wear too many sequins at once. I love sequins, but if you have on a sequined dress you do not need sequined shoes. Contrasting your shoes with the other garment, as seen in these pictures is always a nice idea.

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Send me your holiday dress ideas, pictures, and more.  I'd love to hear from you!

Photography: Vision of Rose Photography, Rosey Slocum
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Hair: Kimberly Hampton
Make up: Morgan Carey

Monday, October 19, 2015

Emjay C's Fall Fashion and Beauty "Sip & Shop"

Hello Friends!

This weekend was action packed. Emjay C's Fall Fashion and Beauty "Sip and Shop" which featured its very own Fashion and Beauty panel was a blast!  The attendees had some great questions and the panelists had the answers. Shayla Courtney, virtual stylist, looked chic in her all black. We loved Stephanie Whitman’s (Drunk on Vogue) statement necklace and stripes. Of course, clothing designer Tabitha Sewer was styled in one of her fabulous mini-skirts. Jordan Nolan Taylor, fashion and life style blogger's, striped pencil skirt was certainly an Emjay favorite and Lakia Thompson, healthy hair stylist, was pretty in her peplum top and pumps. Panel hostess, Wanda Mickens rocked out! Her all black with red accessories and funky hair-style, was classy and edgy.

Fashion and Beauty Panel

Emjay,contributing to panel discussion

Tabitha Sewer & Publicist, Marianna
TJ Sewer, LLC

The vendors at the “Sip and shop” included seventeen business women showcasing their products and services. Emjay C was so determined to make this event a success because we are a true advocate of entrepreneurship. We love to see ambitious people working to build their dream.  As I shared with a lot of the participants, success is not just in making that immediate sale. It is just as important, if not more important, to present yourself in a way that makes customers want to find you and come back to see you!

We saw some beautiful table displays and perfect presentations. A few examples include:

Leaand Diggs of "Diggin Her Roots" who joined us from Northern Virginia and grabbed the attention of shoppers with her African print skirts, dashikis, and more. Her display was neatly organized with a great selection. She was perfectly poised and a beautiful representation of her brand.

Vanita Baugh of C.U.T.E. graced us with one of the most unique sunglasses collections, and her items were affordable. I had to grab me a pair. Not only did she look great, she made sure shoppers were pleased with their sunglasses and other accessories as well!

What can I say about Bonnie's Boutique? Bonnie was ready for the crowd with shoes, accessories, jackets, handbags and more. What's even more impressive is that Bonnie has a storefront that carries items that are just as wonderful as those displayed on Saturday. Bonnie's Boutique is a wonderful example of sophistication and class.

A special recognition to the youngest entrepreneur represented at the “Sip & Shop”.  Miss Amari Randall of IRAMARKS custom pens did an excellent job! We are so impressed with Amari’s talent and ambition. It is not easy to be a business owner and she is already off to a good start.  We congratulate Amari’s parents, Brandon and Monique Randall on raising such a pleasant and driven “youngpreneur”.

There were so many other great vendors; we could take all day to describe them all!

Rebeckah  Schlosser-
Tunisia Fitch- Caira’s
Elizabeth Ringas- esBe
Simone Dockery- Mone’s Cake
Rashawn Bolar- Oh Just Us Girls Mobile Boutique.....
Tawyana Athey-Blush out
Angela Smith- Beauty Brand Clothing.....
Brenda Buckner-Because Love Never Fails.....
Amari Randall-
Tabitha Sewer-TJ Sewer, LLC,
Christina Jackson- Madelyn & Ruby Jewelry Co.
Maureen Whitsett- Mary
Tavira “Ms. Tee”- TNT Unique Designs Mobile
Sharon Oliver-CEO

Check out some of the photos below with all the action from this weekend's event!
Photography by CEO Magazine

Rebeckah  Schlosser
Angela Smith
Christina Jackson
Elizabeth Ringas
Shopping inside the "Sip & Shop"
Emjay with Ashlie, blogger- "Mommy Duties x2"
Fashion Trucks
Brenda Buckner
Simone Dockery
Shopping on Just us Girls Mobile Boutique
Tunisia Finch
Maureen Whitsett
Emjay with Sharon Oliver, CEO Magazine


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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hey Hey Hey!!!

August 22, 2015 was epic. Emjay C's very first photo shoot. Can I just let you in on a little secret??? This was supposed to be a simple low-key photo session. It turned into a full on production!

My sister often tells me that I go from 0 to 100 in two seconds whenever I'm planning a business event. What can I say? I love what I do!  We had some AMAZING talent on this project. From the set staff to the videographer, to the photographer, model coach, and oh!  THE MODELS. These ladies were spectacular. One of the most beautiful bunch of women that I've ever seen.

I'm so excited to share the results of the experience with you all.  The photos by Marion's Photography are indescribable. Marion is patient, interactive, detailed, and very professional. The moments she captured are captivating. Her images are balanced and accentuate the great features of each model.

Videography: Listen, if you have never worked with Ahmed Rahman of Black Wunda Films, you just have to.  His work is wonderfully creative and results are prompt. When Ahmed completes a job he is in constant communication and I know that I can always count on him to give me excellence.

What would the photo shoot be without an inventive model coach.? A. Cullen Lewis of Style Pandamomium is a stylist and model coach all wrapped in one! This shoot would not have been the same without his talent. From runway to print, if a model ever needs pointers this is your guy.

Hair by Kim "Glamour Girl" Hampton. There are no words that can describe the enormity of this hair stylists talent.  She is dedicated to creating the best looks possible.  Having her on our team is imperative as she works tirelessly to make sure hair styles are appropriately finished with perfection.

Make up by Tiana Moody of Mood Beauty was spectacular. Tiana is efficient, enthusiastic and great at what she does.  She nailed every look that was assigned to her; Simply awesome.

Make up by Tawanya Athey of Blush Out Loud was fierce. Tawyana is excited about her work. She was informative and energetic as she completed the looks.  I absolutely loved working with her, as always.

Emjay C, would like to thank EVERYONE that participated in this summer's photo shoot.  We can't wait until the next one.  Every Model was breath taking. This was truly a team effort and I just cannot take all of the credit! Love you guys!

Carolyn Melton
Keila Jones
Lafaun Cain
Robin Minozzi
Claire Blakely
Tiffany Fells

Set Staff:
Justine Barbour
Ashlie Carey Evans
Latasha Bates

Emjay Cee

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Model Maker

Kade Spade says "Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends." I am inclined to agree with Kate. I love playing dress up, which is why I had to take out time and schedule a glam session with Vision of Rose Photography. Rosey Slocum, of Vision of Rose,  puts together these photo opportunities for the "everyday woman" to feel oh so glamorous. Pictured here, Vision of Rose Photography provided the dress, the eye make up and the jewelry pieces. However, if you ever want to freestyle your shoot and bring your own garments that is totally acceptable as well. Since I am always dressing someone or gathering items for myself, I thought it would be nice to relax and let someone else prepare me for a change!!!! This was a true challenge!

Rosey's photography style is natural, fun, and distinctive in my opinion.
I particularly appreciated the carefully chosen pose and position ideas that Rosey gave confidently without hesitation. I felt comfortable and eager completing the shoot. As I explained to Rosey, I am no model but I certainly felt like one during our photo shoot. I call her a Model Maker!!!!  Making the everyday woman feel like a supermodel even just for short period of time is special. It can be a great confidence booster or apart of a wonderful pamper-me session.
Be sure to check out her magazine "She's So  Glamorous". Let us know what you think!


Photos: Vision of Rose Photography
Emjay's Dress: Aria Murphy
Emjay's Necklace: The Oak Antique Mall
Emjay's Hair: Kimberly Hampton


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dazzled Meets Destroyed

Hey Friends!!!!

Oh goodness, I can't believe we are saying goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall. Personally, summer temperatures are my favorite. Therefore, while the weather is still sunny and warm I'm going to take advantage and wear as many tank tops and pairs of sandals as I can.

In a previous post, we discussed distressed jeans and a simple white ribbed tank. Today I decided to glam things up a bit with a dazzled tank. I played it with destroyed jeans and simple nude point pumps.  I could have worn open toe sandals with this outfit as well, but I've had these pumps by Charles David for a while and haven't worn them.
I was so excited to wear this tank because I purchased it from Bonnie's Boutique in Richmond. This store has it all, from clothes to designer watches, designer purses, shoes, and more.  The customer service is superb and you can even have alterations done on site.
The jeans are from Express and destroyed by, Yep! You guessed it! Me!

 Did I mention I sell these jeans?  You can get them distressed or destroyed; made to order.


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