Monday, May 25, 2015

Always Dressed for the Occasion: "Corporate Crisp"

Do you agonize over what to wear? Do you wonder how you look when you walk into work, luncheons, presentations, and other corporate events?  When you are giving a presentation on your job do you wonder if your skirt is too short, or if your pants are too tight? Can they see through your blouse? Do you have on the right colors?  If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, I bet you are smiling in agreement or just slightly shaking your head, yes, right now. You might even be fighting the urge to scream out "That's me!" If this is you or someone you know, my question would be: If you are concerned with all of that, how exactly are you focused on what it is you are there to do?  Well, I for one can understand this agony all too well. So, you might ask: How do I get past all of that and focus on my job? 

The first step to always dressing for the occasion is having a plan. This might seem like a lot to do just to put on clothes, right? Well it really isn't. The plan doesn't have to be elaborate. Just consider your audience, the purpose of the occasion and go from there. Think about the last time you were at an event like this. What was the dress code?  By dress code, I don't mean a list of rules that were handed out with the code of conduct. Think back to the last time you were in a setting like this. How were others dressed? What kinds of clothing and colors do you remember seeing?  Now, this does not mean that you have to look like everyone else. It simply means that you need to be appropriate. For example, if the event or work environment has a conservative tone. Wear conservative pieces of clothing and add your flare.  If you tend to be a little on the edgy side, mix conservative pieces with a pop of color to liven things up a bit.

Color contrasts such as black and white with a pop of red or yellow are sure to grab the eye. If done correctly they are the perfect complement to a midi skirt/blazer or pants/blouse combination.  To be corporate crisp is the key to setting yourself up for success with that big presentation, important executive luncheon, or top sales conference. Always remember that most often people see you before they hear you.

Being properly dressed is a polite gesture that also takes some of the stress out of what can be an already stressful moment. Therefore, after you have prepared your best speech, most dynamic performance or top sales presentation, be sure to plan your killer look for the occasion. Between the two you are sure to be unforgettably wonderful.

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  1. Great blog! Those of us who work from home often times don't think as much about clothes. I know for myself, being a busy single mom, I am just making sure that the boys look and smell good. I have to make an effort at times NOT to wear my flip flops with the sundress. You will definitely make me do better.