Monday, June 1, 2015

Always Dressed for the Occasion: Pencil Skirt Passion

I love Pencil skirts! This classic look can be dated back as early as the 1940’s. Pencil Skirts became a staple in the wardrobes of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.  I am certainly a fan!  I can remember watching classics like Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore in Pencil Skirts, button down collared shirts, blouses, and oh! We cannot forget that belt around the waist to bring it all together.  Well, here we are in 2015 and this look is still FIRE.  The slim-fitting, straight and narrow cut of this skirt is a perfect mix of sassy and classy. YES! It’s ok to be a little sassy.  One of the things that I absolutely love about the pencil skirt is that it can be flattering to all sizes. We often see this look displayed on a thin woman with a small waist and little hips. However, if you fit into that captivating curvy category don’t be the least bit afraid of a pencil skirt. It could be the perfect item to give any woman that WOW feeling as you look into the full length mirror just before you leave the house, but not before blowing yourself a kiss and snapping a selfie.

Let’s talk about where we can wear pencil skirts. Hmmmm, where can’t you wear a pencil skirt???? Church, work, and after work socials are all places that can appreciate your appearance in this look.

Solid Color skirts are always safe and you can’t really go wrong with them. If you’re feeling bold go ahead and try a leopard, checkered, striped, or chevron print skirt.  This week I chose the solid skirt. Yesterday’s church attire included a solid fuchsia pencil skirt, a shear black and white long sleeve blouse, and a basic black point pump.  This look has contrasting colors as we discussed in last week’s blog post. Black and white with a pop of color is a color contrast that just keeps getting better with the trends. I don’t believe that it will ever get old.

Accessories included one single large gold bangle, a statement pearl and gold necklace and gold post earrings. I always want to be careful not to over accessorize this look so not to take the attention off of the outfit. Less is more.  Remember: if you are contrasting colors, accentuating your curves, and being bold with colors all at the same time, then you will want to show that off. The jewelry is not the focus here. One or two bracelets are sufficient and if the bracelet is big enough, one is plenty.  The long sleeves eliminate the need for arm candy. The blouse has sort-of a wide neck design which in my opinion calls for a necklace of some kind and a simple statement necklace paired with post earrings are the best! I just cannot forget about the basic black belt to match the shoes.  Pencil skirts and belts are an Emjay C signature, but a belt is not always required.  In fact, I have advised against it depending on the client and the fit of the skirt. You can be the judge of that.

So…the moral of the story is: GO AND GET YOU A PENCIL SKIRT! If you already have one or a few go and get another. Start a collection. I certainly wouldn’t mind having one in every color.

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