Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lights, Camera, Action!!!-Emjay on Set

Can I tell ya’ll just how excited I was this weekend?!?!  I’m still super excited right now. I was asked to be a part of a very special event.  Publicist Danielle of Poised Studios in Atlanta, GA asked if I would  consider being interviewed and sharing my expertise on fashion styling as she launches a new portion of her business. I won’t give away too much, because the interview will be available soon and I want you all to check it out for yourselves! Poised Studios is great and filming the interview was an awesome experience. It was a pleasure being interviewed with the talented Erica, owner of a vintage clothing store and CEO of the B Firm, a public relations company. We had a blast talking about what to wear when…

After accepting the invitation to be apart of the filming, I couldn’t decide how I wanted to dress for the occasion. I was thinking about going with a really professional look, which would require dark colors, possibly a blazer and a midi pencil skirt.  However, I didn’t want to look like I was going to a job interview so I decided to wear a little color.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to say again: I LOVE MIDI SKIRTS!!! I found this fabulous orange midi at New York and Company just three weeks ago. I didn’t get it then because I thought it was a bit over-priced. I went back in New York and Company a week ago and there it was 50 percent off. It was mine! I found this chambray shirt in the same store on the same day. I thought my skirt was bright enough and so not to over do it on camera, I decided not to add any more color to my outfit and so I went with nude patented leather point pumps. Point pumps are my favorite. They are so sassy.

This look is perfect for just about any occasion. I am fit for a dinner date, a networking event, church, work, or even a trip to the grocery store (Yes, I’m dressy even in the grocery store).
Remember that your purse does NOT have to completely match your outfit. Your bag can make a statement all on its own. This yellow Dooney and Burke Bag is one of my favorites. It’s the perfect size for me and the perfect color. I probably wear it a little too much!

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Chambray Shirt: New York and Company ( Here:
Skirt: New York and Company (Here:
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


@shaynawho- Emjay's Personal Favorite Look of the Weekend

#EmjayStreetStyle is when you get caught out showing off your personal style and you OWN IT!  The most attractive part of style is the confidence that comes along with it. I spend a lot of time out and about and during that time I see a lot of things in regard to people and their clothing. Some things I like and others, NOT SO MUCH. No matter what I see, I thoroughly enjoy examining and characterizing others’ own sense of personal style. I also enjoy hearing how they might characterize their own look.  So I came up with this segment of Primped and Prepped called #EmjayStreetStyle. This is an opportunity for me and other style/fashion addicts everywhere to show and tell! You never know where I’ll be and I always have my camera, so make sure you are always dressed for the occasion.
While visiting Atlanta this weekend I came across some pretty cool styles. They aren’t all a reflection of Emjay C’s styling preferences, but still very cool. I first visited an area called Little Five Points. They had some awesome shopping. From classic vintage to trendy chic pieces, there was a little something for everyone.  I checked in at the Pink Zebra Boutique and met the owner (pictured below). I loved her wonderful retail work wear. Her sheer blouse and gold detailed leggings and sandals were a perfect representation of her business and her personal style. The high bun is a great way to show off her fresh make up and dark bold lip color. I can’t wait to go back! She was so super cute and sweet that I felt like I had a new friend by the time I left the store.
                      After a little shopping I checked out the Car and Bike show in Atlanta.

Who loves 90's fashion? In addition to seeing all the decked out cars and bikes I was able to capture some of the styles here in Atlanta to kick off #EmjayStreetStyle. Overalls and bright colors have made a comeback and they are just as cute as they were before. Check out the custom sneakers with lights. Is this too much? Would you wear it? Want more information on how you can get a pair?
We asked @_iamcharming how she would describe her look for this event. She replied “always comfortable.”  I couldn’t agree more. I love one piece outfits. They are always comfortable, but very stylish. They can be dressed up or down. They are a piece that I like to put in the simply spectacular category of fashion styling; Simple but if worn correctly, a complete show stopper!
Army Fatigue Fashion; As a member of the armed forces and what is called the “new” Army I’ve never gotten the chance to wear the dark green BDU print uniforms. There is something about that dark print that is so fashionable and I love it! It’s the perfect combination of comfortable, casual, and a little dressy at the same time. Latasha Johnson, owner of SIX1SIX is ready to work in style in this version of BDU print pants below. She and her team were representing as vendors at the Atlanta Car and Bike Show this weekend. Latasha’s outfit is perfect for the flat sandals or she could switch those flats to a great heel, add a little more arm candy and be ready for a great time after work hours.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Euphoria: The Ultimate Ladies Night Out Experience

This weekend was fabulous! Let me tell you guys.  I am very pleased that because of  Ms. India Parson,  founder of a great organization called BEST, I had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event “Euphoria”, organized by Glam R Us Events with celebrity host Christian Keyes. Promoting domestic violence awareness, the color of the evening was purple.  As ladies entered they were given a purple domestic violence awareness sticker to wear in support of the cause. You could find many dressed in all purple, all black with a splash of purple, purple lipstick and even purple hair. The atmosphere was edgy, but classic. There was a warmth created by those that were working the event that made me feel completely comfortable. There were skincare consultants, boutiques, financial planners, and more representing the vendors circle for the night. There was food, drinks, music and even a fashion show. Did I mention, it was a birthday celebration for the lovely Christie of Glam R Us Events as well?  I mean, there was a little something for everyone. I even learned to tie a Bow tie with Mr. Dress To Impress, Natan McKenzie. If I had to describe the event in one word I would say it was invigorating. There was great energy and plenty to keep you engaged.

#teamBEST with Christie of Glam R Us Events

Fashion Show
Mr. Natan McKenzie
Emjay learning to tie a bow tie

TA-DA Done with my bow tie!

As a fashion stylist, of course I noticed the many looks that were represented. There didn’t seem to be a dress code, but I saw everything from cocktail dresses, to casual wear, to club attire and no one looked out of place.  

Here are a few of my favorite looks for the evening:

I LOVE THIS LOOK! @actress_artensia is an aspiring actress. She is wearing a sheer top with a fringed midi skirt. We all know that I absolutely love midi skirts in pretty much any design; pencil, flared, pleated or fringed. I also love sheer tops. Although I wear these blouses with a cami underneath because I prefer more covering, @actress_artensia nailed it! What she put together is a great mix of sexy and classic. It looked great on her. Way to dress for the occasion love!

SIMPLY SPECTACULAR! Is what I like to call @1981_314. Her jeans, this white peplum top and gold sandals is a very simple look. She finishes it by styling her hair with two loose French braids, accessorizing with large hoop ear rings and adding a red lip to pull it all together. She is ready to go to just about any social event on a relaxing Saturday afternoon. I’m so glad she stopped in to Euphoria so I could grab a picture of this outfit. Thanks hun!
SUPRISINGLY SPECIAL is how I would describe @Belle_Jbelle.  I am not usually impressed with floral prints just because I don’t care for the way they look on me. However, I have to say that as soon as @Belle_Jbelle walked into the door she caught my eye. From her tastefully highlighted purple curls and fresh make up to the coordinating orange flower pattern and shoe detail, it all just worked!  I just had to tell her how great I thought she looked and grab a picture. Work it out Belle!

The highlight of the evening was the inspiration from the wonderfully talented, Christian Keyes. Christian is an actor, singer, model and now author. He has stared in movies such as “Black Coffee”, “Four Seasons” and  “Act Like You Love me” just to name a few. During an intimate question and answer session with Euphoria’s attendees, Christian laughed, joked, and credited God for the success he has in his career. He spoke inspirationally about previously being a truck driver during the week and modeling on the weekend as he began his career.  Which was particularly important, in my opinion, because by telling this part of his story he gives those that may be in a similar situation hope that they too can make their dreams come true. That is motivating. Christian also talked about his son a lot and said that he couldn’t wait to get married again and have more children. YES LADIES, he is single.!!!

I caught up with Christian back stage for some quick photos. I truly appreciated his kindness and open communication during his time with us. Once I finish his book “Ladies Night”, we will have to discuss it here on Primped and Prepped. If you haven’t already, make sure you grab your copy today!
Christian Keyes

Check out  our pictures and my look for the event below. Team BEST wore all black with a purple rose in support of domestic violence awareness.

Keep a little black dress in your closet. Finish your look with a print pump and a colored lip to add a little pizazz.

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Photo of #teamBEST and photos of Christian Keyes with Emjay, photgraphed by Marion's Photography 

Little black dress: Express (Old, Similar Here:
Shoes: I.N.C (Old, Similar Here:
Red Lip: Mac Cosmetics "Ruby Woo"

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guest Blog: Faith Rocks-"Dressing Your Temple"

This week I had the privilege of speaking to faith and lifestyle blogger, host, minister, coach and all around great gal, Shea Scott Edwards of Faith Rocks. For @faith_rocks2015 this week was a time to talk about beauty, fashion and faith.  Primped and Prepped by Emjay C just couldn't miss the opportunity to get in on all of the FUN! When we caught up with @faith_rocks2015 we asked a few questions: 1. Is it okay for women of God to wear crop tops? 2.Are we pushing the envelope as believers?  3. How can we determine what is appropriate and what is not? Do we take ourselves and how we look to others too seriously? Faith Rocks helps us understand that its about finding balance, knowing our worth, dressing for the occasion, and having fun.

While on a mission to capture the next best selfie, our sense of self worth and accomplishment is defined by the number of likes or followers we have on social media. But the need for social popularity can result in the self-exploitation of our bodies for the sake of receiving public adoration. As a result, modest women may find difficulty selecting clothing that makes them feel confident and sexy in comparison to the current standards of beauty. Seeking validation from external sources can result in an imbalance between body and spirit, ultimately affecting the way we see ourselves.
Our bodies were created for more than external pleasure and eye candy; they were created to be temples to house our spirit for the purpose of glorifying God and carrying out our earthly purpose.  In the words of Gabourey Sidibe: “Your Body is Your Temple, it’s your Home, and you must decorate it.” What an honor it is to adorn the temple that houses our spirit! Faith Rocks when we find the harmony between honoring God while expressing our personal style through fashion.
 Here are three tips to “Dressing Your Temple”:
1. Know your worth
Knowing our worth begins by knowing how valuable we are to God. After all, God is more concerned with our inner hearts than the outer. Once we realize how valuable we truly are to God, we will innately dress our temples with a healthy confidence.  Having been exploited, neglected or taken advantage of in any way can cause what feels like permanent damage to our innermost parts. God’s love has the power to heal our body and spirit. People with true beauty know their worth and radiate genuine love and self assurance.  When we know our worth, we no longer have a need to bear more than necessary. When you take the time to adorn your temple, you feel your best and when you feel your best you do your best and are better equipped to seize the day and attract opportunity.
2. Dress for the occasion 
The spectrum of classy versus trashy is left up to personal taste. Let the occasion be the barometer. While I’m a firm believer in pushing the limits and even going against the norm, fashion is worn best when it suits the occasion. For example, one would not wear a bathing suit to work nor a business suit to the beach. Use common sense with what is appropriate. If you have to question something, more than likely you aren’t 100% comfortable. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and allow your attire to speak volumes of the love and respect you have for your own temple.
3. Have fun
Does Christendom have a dress code? If so, we do not have to live prisoner to it. Don’t be afraid to play with color and style.  It’s great to have a signature look, but it’s more fun to allow your fashion sense to evolve as your spirit evolves. Dress your temple from the inside out with love, honor and fun. Fashion is the best way to express who we are without saying a word.  Have fun wearing clothing and accessories that accentuate your favorite qualities and your spirit will shine all the more through!
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Casual Weekend: Distressed Jeans Obsession

This 4th of July weekend was very relaxing.  Spending time with friends and family…great times! Although it was a little rainy the cookout took place and the weekend shopping was still on.

Rain can definitely put a damper on your event but it can especially effect your look for the day. I decided to be casual. Because I’ve become completely obsessed with distressed/destroyed jeans, this was one of my looks for the weekend that I absolutely adore. I’ve come across quite a few retailers that sell jeans that have already been  ripped and cut when you purchase them, but  the jeans I love the most are the ones that I make myself. DIY distressed jeans feel good, look good, and are good to my budget. I'm sure you have a pair of jeans that you’ve worn a bit already that
you can turn into a brand new pair of jeans by…well… basically destroying them.

Even on a casual weekend, I like to add just a little glam. I had to have my bangles, my pink polka dot watch (Guess),  my bag (Kate Spade), my pumps and my lip color. Make sure, be sure, stay sure that you have your lipstick on girl! ; an essential part to being photo shoot ready at all times.

Tank,  G.H. Bass & Co:

Pumps, Steve Madden:

Bangle, Kate Spade:

Lip Color, Mac “Creme Cup”:

Don’t worry, if heels are not your thing, try a fabulous flat, example: .

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