Tuesday, July 28, 2015


@shaynawho- Emjay's Personal Favorite Look of the Weekend

#EmjayStreetStyle is when you get caught out showing off your personal style and you OWN IT!  The most attractive part of style is the confidence that comes along with it. I spend a lot of time out and about and during that time I see a lot of things in regard to people and their clothing. Some things I like and others, NOT SO MUCH. No matter what I see, I thoroughly enjoy examining and characterizing others’ own sense of personal style. I also enjoy hearing how they might characterize their own look.  So I came up with this segment of Primped and Prepped called #EmjayStreetStyle. This is an opportunity for me and other style/fashion addicts everywhere to show and tell! You never know where I’ll be and I always have my camera, so make sure you are always dressed for the occasion.
While visiting Atlanta this weekend I came across some pretty cool styles. They aren’t all a reflection of Emjay C’s styling preferences, but still very cool. I first visited an area called Little Five Points. They had some awesome shopping. From classic vintage to trendy chic pieces, there was a little something for everyone.  I checked in at the Pink Zebra Boutique and met the owner (pictured below). I loved her wonderful retail work wear. Her sheer blouse and gold detailed leggings and sandals were a perfect representation of her business and her personal style. The high bun is a great way to show off her fresh make up and dark bold lip color. I can’t wait to go back! She was so super cute and sweet that I felt like I had a new friend by the time I left the store.
                      After a little shopping I checked out the Car and Bike show in Atlanta.

Who loves 90's fashion? In addition to seeing all the decked out cars and bikes I was able to capture some of the styles here in Atlanta to kick off #EmjayStreetStyle. Overalls and bright colors have made a comeback and they are just as cute as they were before. Check out the custom sneakers with lights. Is this too much? Would you wear it? Want more information on how you can get a pair?
We asked @_iamcharming how she would describe her look for this event. She replied “always comfortable.”  I couldn’t agree more. I love one piece outfits. They are always comfortable, but very stylish. They can be dressed up or down. They are a piece that I like to put in the simply spectacular category of fashion styling; Simple but if worn correctly, a complete show stopper!
Army Fatigue Fashion; As a member of the armed forces and what is called the “new” Army I’ve never gotten the chance to wear the dark green BDU print uniforms. There is something about that dark print that is so fashionable and I love it! It’s the perfect combination of comfortable, casual, and a little dressy at the same time. Latasha Johnson, owner of SIX1SIX is ready to work in style in this version of BDU print pants below. She and her team were representing as vendors at the Atlanta Car and Bike Show this weekend. Latasha’s outfit is perfect for the flat sandals or she could switch those flats to a great heel, add a little more arm candy and be ready for a great time after work hours.

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