Friday, August 14, 2015

40 Plus Fashion Show-Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Last weekend on August 8 the 40 Plus Woman's Fashion Show coordinated by the lovely Ms. Theresa Flatts took place.  I love fashion shows!!!! I think my favorite part is being back stage, styling and helping the models get prepared to walk the runway. However, last weekend's show touched me differently. I arrived pretty early and I got a chance to walk around and talk with some of the vendors that were representing at the show. One of my favorite things about being a fashion stylist is the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and to do something that I love to do.  As I looked around the room at all of these women business owners, I began to think about how wonderful it was to be amongst them, learn more about them and what products and services they offer.  Let me introduce you to a few of them...


This is my second time meeting the ladies behind LaKicks Handbags & Accessories, LLC. At Euphoria, the ladies night out event that I blogged about previously, I got the chance to see their smiling faces as well.  When I met up with these ladies again last weekend they were still smiling and they remembered me!

LaKicks has some pretty cool accessories. I happen to be a big fan of the magazine clutches and hand bags and they have a great selection. A girl can never go wrong with a statement necklace or two. As you can tell by the picture, LaKicks definitely has a few to choose from.

Speaking of statement necklaces, it wouldn't be a party without the well known Traci Lynn Jewelry.

Its classic fashion jewelry and its always great to have a pleasant representative to help you make your selections.

Meet Victoria of Tarsha's Tees. She hand makes each one of  the t-shirts that you see here. I absolutely adore statement T's. 

Jelly and Jam made for the adult taste buds is how the lovely Ms. Blanche described her little jars of  greatness. Not only was this the cutest table I visited all afternoon but it was the tastiest! Jam made with Moscato and all natural products...MY GOODNESS! Ms. Blanche of Lady Jamz, LLC had samples of her work and she even let me take my very own jar home. Hot biscuits anyone????

Thanks Ms. Blanche!

AND...The inspirational vendor award goes to Mrs. Michelle J. Rolle, wife, mother, mammography technician, and author.  The fifteen minutes I spent chatting with Michelle was phenomenal.  She was motivational and educational. She has written a memoir titled Invisible Warrior in which she talks about overcoming and breaking the cycle of poverty that she and her family once knew. Taking on life with thirty five cents and two small children, Michelle and her husband were able to prove that we are capable of accomplishing the best even when circumstances are the worst. She proudly shared with me that she has four successful daughters who are all college educated with great careers; two doctors, one account manager, and one successful business owner.

Michelle's passion, other than writing, is mammography. I shared with Michelle that breast cancer awareness is very important to me as breast cancer runs in my family. I  explained that I had to start getting my mammograms at 29 years old instead of the traditionally recommended age of 40. Michelle truly encouraged me by suggesting knowledgeable specialists and centers that I could visit in order to remain aware. If you cant already tell, I enjoyed my time with this wonderful woman. Before we parted she gave me my very own signed copy of her book. I can not wait to read it. Thank you Michelle!

Entrepreneurship is a blessing! Its no easy task, but the rewards are indescribable. I truly admire anyone that is on this journey with me. Whether they are selling statement jewelry, clothes, accessories, jam or even their life story, it is extremely inspiring for me to see these ladies of all ages simply making it happen. Keep it up ladies!

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LaKicks Handbags & Accessories, LLC: 1-800-993-2646
Tarsha's Tees:  919-270-8250
Lady Jamz, LLC: 804-543-4398

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