Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Prefer to be Polished

I like polished looks. Those Olivia Pope, First lady Michelle Obama, Angela Bassett perfectly polished kind of looks. They are my thing. It may be hard for some to imagine being polished with rips, tears, and/or cuts in your jeans. Leave it to me to make that happen.  Distressed jeans give a super casual look, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up your casual.  I really enjoy getting all dolled up but I also like feeling relaxed in my clothes. And let’s face it, sometimes casual dress is more fitting than a Kate Spade party dress and pumps.
Remember my Tracy Nicole coordinate outfit from last week?  Well here’s the crop top from that two piece set right here.  As if I need another reason to love her garments, she gave me one more.  I can use the pieces in different ways to make different looks.
My Jeans alone with a tank or a graphic Tee would create an awesome relaxed look. I like to call that my “run to the grocery store on a Saturday” wear.   I decided, however, to pair my distressed jeans with a sleeveless crop top, wool hat, cross body bag and heels.  WAIT, did she say wool!?  ---YES!  Hat fabrics are crossing seasons these days. Someone once said to me that they could not imagine wearing a wool or felt hat in the warm weather because it would feel like their head was going to catch a blaze at any moment. Well, listen if you can’t stand the heat then I suggest a nice straw one or no hat at all. I like to push the envelope a little so if it looks like I shouldn’t have it on, I might give it try.  Who made up all these little fashion rules anyway!?  Rules are meant to be broken so focus more on style instead of fashion and make your own!

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Photo: Vision of Rose Photography  @visionofrosephoto
Top: Tracy Nicole @tracynicoleclothing
Jeans: Distressed by Jasmine of Norma Jean @besdress
Shoes: Steve Madden
Crossbody bag: Kate Spade
Hat: Aldo

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Live in Your Strength

As a fashion blogger, personal shopper, and stylist I meet lots of people in the fashion and beauty industry; fellow stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing designers, etc.   I travel to different fashion events giving me a chance to network with others, get new ideas and learn a ton!  The last time I was visiting Atlanta, I got the opportunity to meet a clothing designer named Tracy Nicole. I have to tell you, my friends, meeting Tracy is one of my favorite encounters to date.  She’s not just a fashion designer, but Tracy is the mother of two beautiful girls, Kennedy and Kristian, an author, entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor.

One afternoon I sent Tracy a text, asking if I could come by and meet her. I wanted to talk with her about her clothing line, check out some of her pieces, and ask her a couple of questions.  I had no idea that I was in for such a treat! I asked Tracy how she got started in the fashion business, letting her know that I was interested in hearing her story. She shared with me that she had gone to school for and practiced occupational therapy.   She told me how fashion and style was always in her blood and so she also decided to go to fashion design school at night while still operating in therapy.  Eventually Tracy opened a clothing store in which she carried at least fifty different designers.  She attributed carrying other designers’ pieces at that time to her lack of confidence in her own abilities as a designer.  Tracy operated the store for about five years, and then decided to open up her very own studio with her designs.

Shortly after opening the studio, Tracy received some devastating news. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is at this point while she was telling the story that I was hit with a rush of multiple emotions.  I instantly felt sadness, joy, excitement, and a surprising connection to this incredibly strong woman standing in front of me.  All I could think about was how young she was, her young children, and her growing business.  I mean, here she was.  As she was finally gaining the confidence to take that leap and build her design studio, she gets sick with an illness that could quite possible cut all of that short.

While she was in the hospital, friends and family closed down her new studio and transitioned it into her home so she could continue to work.  Tracy has since recovered and opened another studio outside of her home where she works and holds private shopping sessions.

 So there she was standing in her strength, speaking with me about her amazing venture and here I just thought I was coming to learn about garments. Instead, l was reminded that we can do all things. We are stronger than we think we are and it is possible to overcome and live in your strength. What a powerful lesson.
Let me tell you all why I absolutely fell in love with Tracy Nicole clothing at first sight.  The clothes are comfortable AND sexy.  I often hear people say that they need comfort when dressing, to explain why they prefer to wear leggings and sweatpants.  Well, look no further.  Tracy’s pieces are comfort clothes in which you can go just about anywhere. The pencil skirt, crop top coordinate outfit was a must have for me.  When asked what sparks her design ideas, Tracy said timelessness. I definitely saw the timeless elements in each design.  I think that her clothing makes women feel good and look good while remaining stylish; that’s my kind of designer!  I just adore crisp classic looks.  Classic looks survive every trend and when done correctly will stand out in any crowd (positively, of course). 

No stranger to great recognition, Tracy has been highlighted in various publications including Essence Lucky Magazine, Paper City, Jezebel, and Atlanta Style.  I am honored that she would take the time to speak with me and be featured on the blog Primped and Prepped by Emjay.  THANKS TRACY!

If you like what you see here, my loves, Tracy Nicole is available by appointment only, where she will give you the luxury of your very own personal shopping experience.  You can also check out her website: and her blog You can follow her on facebook at, on Twitter @tracynicoleatl Instagram @tracynicoleclothing and Pinterest: tracynicoleatl.

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Photos of Emjay: Vision of Rose @visionofrosephoto
Hair: Kim Hampton @glamourgirl2680
Make up: Emjay
Coordinate: Tracy Nicole
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Kate Spade
Shades: Aldo