Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Adoring Emjay C, LLC...One year later

Good Morning Beautiful!!!!!

Emjay C specializes in getting people primped and prepped.  We like to help people find, develop, or enhance their style and show it off to the world. 

The blog was launched to give people an idea on how to do that. Shortly after the blog was introduced, I decided to take my excitement and abilities and turn them into a business. 

                                                                                                          Emjay, Stylist & Kim, Hairstylist

This would mark the beginning of an absolutely amazing adventure in which partnerships, friendships, and wonderful experiences would be developed.

Never feels like "work" when you're having this much fun

When starting a business, you never know what you are going to encounter, how successful its going to be, or if it will be successful at all remains a mystery.  You come up with an idea, draft a plan, go for it and hope for the best!

One year in business is, in my mind, an incredible accomplishment.  I just want to thank those that have supported it and been there along the way.

I truly appreciate all of the encouragement, complements, likes, time, etc. that you all have offered throughout the year. Emjay C, LLC is just getting started and we have a long way to go! I am looking forward to more and more GREATNESS!
Always something to talk about
Thanks for stopping by!
Wardrobe Consulting: Emjay C @primped_prepped
Photography: Vision of Rose Photography @visionofrosephoto

Hair: Kim Hampton @glamourgirl2680



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