Tuesday, June 6, 2017


What does it mean to be a Unicorn?

If you are a Unicorn, you are special.  You are a mother, a wife, an auntie, a sister, a godmother, a career woman, a business owner and more.  Some of us are all of these things at one time. Unicorns are unique, they are unimaginable,  and they are magical.  I wanted to find a way to celebrate the ambition of women like this; women that don't really think twice about the things that they do because they feel so natural and necessary.  I believe that just because an action is necessary that doesn't make it any less incredible.  We don't recognize ourselves and the work that we do enough.  We are often times so busy taking care of everyone else that we don't take care of ourselves.
Why did you do a photoshoot?

This photoshoot was an opportunity to celebrate who we are, together. Two hours of collaborating with each other, laughing with each other, helping each other, and inspiring each other. Many of the ladies featured in this project were not acquainted. However, if you were on the outside looking in, you sure couldn't tell. It was all love. 
But did you style/dress anyone personally?

Being a personal stylist is not just about getting dressed.  It encompasses all things beauty.  It is absolutely useless for a person to look their best, but feel their worst. We must love ourselves, believe in ourselves, and take care of ourselves. When we are unable to do these things, we need each other.  We are definitely stronger together. Life isn't always about competitions and comparisons.  It's more about uniting and uplifting.  When you think of Emjay C, I don't want you to think of just someone to dress you or to go shopping for you.  I want you to think of a sister or a friend.  I want you to feel motivated, encouraged and inspired.  I want you to KNOW that if nobody else believes in you, I do! 

So when you look in the mirror, before you're off to your next meeting, next day of work, or about to change your baby's next dirty diaper; like who you see looking back at you,  say "Hey beautiful" and know that you are much more than your reflection. You are a Unicorn. You are Magical. 
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Photography: Mecoes Florance, MSF-Photography @MSFPhotography4857
T-Shirts: Chauncey Sawyer @Jettrendsetterprintingrva 
Make up: Keila Chante, @KeilaChante
Emjay's Hair: Carolyn Melton, @only1beaut